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Sonntag, 2. Juli 2023, 18:44


Don't remember how I figured that : http://agrozoo.net/jsp/Galery_one_image.…970e434dc7040e1
encountered that Agriotes sputator is named Salat schnellkaefer, the same mening has in Slovene lang.
Any comment to that ? Aparently events of salad being dead from reasons from above image is rather common, can't find any similar images to connect to right Agriotes...
If not otherwise stated all my observations are from Slovenia. Exact location can be found under linked image (the one with checkmark).
How do I do to 1/100 mm exact measuremets of bugs ..--> http://agrozoo.net/jsp/Help.jsp?p1=help_object_measure&l2=en